10 Best Japanese Romance Movies

10 Best Japanese Romance Movies

This article will highlight the ten best Japanese romance movies that you should see. Romance stories have been a part of the movie making community since its beginning. Here is a list of ten of the best Japanese romance movies for your enjoyment.

"A Scene at the Sea." This Japanese romance movie is about a couple who are in love. The story follows a deaf garbage collector and his girlfriend, as their interest in the sea is sparked after he finds a discarded surfboard.

"Love Letter." This Japanese romance movie is about lost love. The plot follows a young woman who receives answers to love letters she starts sending to her fiance two years after he was killed in an accident.

"April Story." This movie is about a shy young woman looking for romance while attending college. The males like her, but she's not interested in them, and when she sees a male from her hometown that she has a crush on, she doesn't have the courage to speak to him. Will she find the courage?

"Across A Gold Prairie." This is a Japanese romance/fantasy film. It is the tale of a man in his eighties who wakes-up one day thinking he is in his twenties. Before long, he and his young caregiver find themselves in love.

"Laundry." This Japanese romance/comedy movie features an unlikely pair. It is the story of an intellectually challenged laundry worker who finds true love after returning a dress to the young woman that left it.

"Chloe." This romance film is about losing a love. Soon after a couple marries, a growth in the shape of a flower is found on the wife's lung by doctors. Her husband discovers the only thing that seems to keep his wife alive is flowers, which he goes broke trying to buy, while watching his wife die.

"Unloved." This movie is about a woman who is defiantly happy where she is in life. In spite of being romanced and loved by two men, the woman will not consider loving either.

"Dolls." This romance film is about an arranged marriage. A young couple is forced apart after the man's family chooses a wife for him, even after leaving his new bride at the alter to return to his true love, he finds himself bound to her.

"About Love." This Japanese romance movie features three different couple. Each one of these woven tales unwinds to reveal a touching story of self-discovery and love.

"Sugar and Spice." This is a coming-of-age romance movie. The story revolves around a seventeen year old Japanese boy who finds love while working as a gas station attendant after putting college aside against his parent's wishes.

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